David Bartlett

John Cumalat

  • Text of 1996 Unpublished Paper in PDF
  • Figures for 1996 Unpublished Paper in PDF
  • DDA42 Talk on Massive Photon (2011) in PDF
  • Galactic Tides & Cosinusoidal Potential Boston, May 2011 in PDF
  • Alaska Talk on the Cosinusoidal Potential (2012) in PDF
  • Notes for the press conference in PDF
  • “A Matter of Some Gravity” Press Conference June 12, 2012
  • What is so special about Ro/20? used in press conference in PDF
  • Cosinusoidal Potential, Graviational Lensing, and Galactic Magnetic Fields in PDF ; presented as a poster in AAS221, January 2013
  • Universe Has Been Coasting Since Z=50 in PDF ; presented as a poster in AAS222, June 2013

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