Lattice Meets Experiment 2012: Beyond the Standard Model

26—27 October 2012, University of Colorado at Boulder

USQCD is currently writing a new white paper on lattice gauge theory for BSM physics, replacing the current document from 2007. An update is timely in light of the discovery at the LHC over the summer, as well as the long-term community planning process of the American Physical Society's Division of Particles and Fields.

At Lattice Meets Experiment 2012 we considered what non-perturbative quantities are the most valuable (or the most urgent) targets for lattice calculations to contribute to BSM phenomenology. In addition to discussions during regular presentations, we scheduled a special gathering Friday afternoon on the top floor of Gamow Tower, to focus on these issues.

Input from the participants in the workshop was compiled into a summary for the USQCD Executive Committee to help inform the development of the white paper and the work of the Snowmass subgroup on Lattice Field Theory. This material will help to guide the future development of lattice studies for BSM physics, to ensure that we continue to provide the greatest possible contributions to HEP as a whole.