Lattice Meets Experiment 2012: Beyond the Standard Model

26—27 October 2012, University of Colorado at Boulder

All talks will be held in the JILA Auditorium, most easily entered on the south side of the Duane Physics building (2000 Colorado Ave.). Weather permitting, coffee breaks will be held just outside the auditorium.

Color-coding denotes whether a talk is primarily experiment, phenomenology, or lattice oriented.

Friday, 26 October 2012
08:45—09:00 Anna Hasenfratz (Colorado) Welcome
Session 1 (chair: Anna Hasenfratz)
09:00—09:45 Ayana Arce (Duke) The 125 GeV boson: experimental status and plans
09:45—10:30 Julius Kuti (UC San Diego) Can the Higgs impostor hide near the conformal window?
10:30—10:45 Discussion
10:45—11:00 Coffee break
Session 2 (chair: Simon Catterall)
11:00—11:30 Benjamin Grinstein (UC San Diego) A (very) light dilaton
11:30—12:00 Bob Mawhinney (Columbia) The 12 Flavor QCD Phase Diagram: Summary and Directions
12:00—12:30 Amarjit Soni (Brookhaven) 4G and 125 H
12:30—12:45 Discussion
12:45—14:00 Lunch
Session 3 (chair: David Schaich)
14:00—14:30 Tulika Bose (Boston) Searches for technicolor at the LHC
14:30—15:00 Meifeng Lin (Yale) Many flavors later... What have we learned?
15:00—15:30 Jared Evans (Rutgers) The Composite Higgs of Minimal Conformal Technicolor
15:30—15:45 Discussion
15:45—16:00 Coffee break on 11th floor of Gamow Tower
Community planning and community building
16:00—18:00 Discussion of USQCD white paper and DPF long-term community planning
11th floor of Gamow Tower
19:30—21:00 Dinner at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Session 4 (chair: Tom Appelquist)
09:00—09:30 Jay Hubisz (Syracuse) Higgslike Dilatons
09:30—10:00 Shinya Matsuzaki (Kyoto Sangyo) 125 GeV techni-dilaton at the LHC
10:00—10:15 Discussion
10:15—10:30 Coffee break
Session 5 (chair: Ethan Neil)
10:30—11:00 JiJi Fan (Harvard) Dark Matter Search Status and Composite Dark Matter
11:00—11:30 Michael Buchoff (Livermore) Composite Dark Matter Exclusions from the Lattice
11:30—11:45 Discussion
Session 6 (chair: Ethan Neil)
11:45—12:15 Simon Catterall (Syracuse) A Supersymmetric Lattice Theory: N=4 YM
12:15—12:45 Anosh Joseph (Los Alamos) Ward-Takahashi identities and restoration of supersymmetries in lattice N=4 super Yang-Mills
12:45—13:00 Discussion
13:00—14:00 Lunch
Session 7 (chair: Yannick Meurice)
14:00—14:30 Elisabetta Pallante (Groningen) In & Out of the Conformal Window
14:30—15:00 Robert Shrock (Yale & Stony Brook) UV to IR Evolution of Quasi-Scale-Invariant Gauge Theories and Comparisons with Lattice Measurements
15:00—15:30 Thomas Ryttov (Harvard) Cataloguing Fermionic Gauge Theories
15:30—16:00 Yasumichi Aoki (Nagoya) Exploring for walking technicolor from QCD
16:00—16:15 Discussion
16:15—16:30 Coffee break
Session 8 (chair: George Fleming)
16:30—17:00 David Poland (Yale) Carving Out the Space of Conformal Field Theories
17:00—17:30 Rich Brower (Boston) Radial Quantization for Conformal Field Theories on the Lattice
17:30—18:00 David Schaich (Colorado) SU(3) gauge theories with many massless fermions: methods and mysteries
18:00—18:15 Discussion
End of workshop