Senarath (Shanta) de Alwis
Address: Department of Physics,
             University of Colorado
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        Mathematical Physics PHYS5430

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Dark Matter Density and the Higgs Mass in LVS String Phenomenology
Constraints on LVS Compactifications of IIB String Theory
Gaugino Anomaly Mediated SUSY Breaking:...
Classical and Quantum SUSY Breaking Effects in IIB Local Models
On Anomaly Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking 

On Gauge Mediated SUSY Breaking and Moduli Stabilization
Warped Supersymmetry Breaking
Transitions Between Flux Vacua 
Potentials for Light Moduli in Supergravity and String Theory
The Landscape of String Theory and The Wave Function of the Universe
On Integrating Out Heavy Fields in SUSY Theories
Effective Potentials for Light Moduli

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